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Eric_Songer at Eric_Songer at
Mon Jun 21 15:28:04 GMT 1999

> remounting shares when you log in.  We run a variety of different samba
> servers and becomes increasingly annoying when you have to enter the same
> password 10 times when logging into the NT box after rebooting (which is
> done often for obvious reasons).  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Chad

     We have the same annoyance.  I even have one NT machine where one
login has to give their password for each share, even on the same server.
I've always assumed I was missing something on the NT side.

>There's also a related problem for accessing printers - until a disk share
>is "logged onto" on the system that serves the printer, printer connections
>are refused.  It all works fine after an initial connection is made to a
>disk share.

     This bites my users constantly.  But it is an annoyance, and I wonder if
there is a solution.

>but, alas, there were no responses in the archives.  I've also noticed that
>it seems to be the habit of list members not to send responses to questions
>to the mailing list  :-(

     This is true.  I think people new to listserves do not know how to behave.
They don't realize that a post of solutions is the way you give back to the
Of course, it maybe just general inconsiderate behaviour that is rampant in
society.  I got my answer...  see ya.


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