changing samba passwords

Tulipant Gergely greg at
Mon Jun 14 12:31:26 GMT 1999

Still kicking the same old questions. :(
If I should ask these somewhere else, please let me know where.

>Was there a digest #2114?
OK, may not be that important, but at least it's a simple question.

Is there a way to change the samba password from a Windows client without
a shell access, or shall I write my own service?

(I have looked into the code, to figure out why net passw doesn't work,
but I don't understand why/how
  D_P16(smbpw->smb_passwd, pass2, unenc_new_pw);
  D_P16(unenc_new_pw, pass1, unenc_old_pw);
  if (memcmp(smbpw->smb_passwd, unenc_old_pw, 16))
should work.)

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