SAMBA partial digest 2125

Olof Liungman olli at
Thu Jun 10 13:50:48 GMT 1999


I have just installed Samba 2.0.0 on a Sun server running Solaris 2.6. 
Everything works fine on the server, but not when I try to connect from a PC 
running Win98. I foloowed the steps in "Diagnosis.txt" and everything is fine 
until I try Test 8, namely to run the command "net view \\servername" on the PC 
client. I then get a wrong password error ("Error 86"). I've double-checked that 
I log in to Windows using the same username and password as I have on the Unix 
server. I've also removed the any lines in smb.conf relating to "hosts allow",  
"hosts deny" and "valid users". I'm using a simple, stripped version of 
smb.conf. The PC has the swedish version of Win98 but neither my username nor my 
password have any language-specific characters in them. So, any ideas of where I 
should start looking? The only thing that worries me a bit is that I cannot find 



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