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Tim Reimers tim at
Wed Jun 9 20:21:35 GMT 1999

Hello all... -

I'm trying to get the following working:

Samba as a domain controller for 95 workstations-

Three shares, no printers:

Share#1 - full rights for everyone- RWCEM (this is the datafiles for a
Win95 based database- client on PC's provides screens, etc, the share
contains the proprietary database files...)

Share#2- full rights for everyone- RWCEM
This would be for, say HTML files, Excel spreadsheets- basically, the
individual files created by Office users, AutoCad users, etc... 

Share#3 - their own home directories

I'm having a hard time figuring out what the 'starting' Unix
perms/owners/groups' should be on those three:

I have the system doing netlogon - mapping drives...
just that now, finally, the rights don't work quite right..
I've heard many things from various people about what user to 'own' the
dirs at the Unix level, and then 'force user', create mask, etc...

kinda confused about what the simplest way to do this is, to get the most
sane config- one that _should_ allow new users to be added, and only
require that they be put into the /etc/group file in the right places for
them to get access to all needed dirs with all needed rights...

thanks for anyone's help...

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