Can't load multiple printers and other problems

Fernando Paredes fparedes at
Wed Jun 9 16:17:41 GMT 1999


I'm having a strange problem with samba 2.0.4:
I had samba version 1.9.something (installed with redhat 5.1) and I didn't have any problems sharing several printers (it loaded the printers from printcap without problems) but when I installed version 2.0, I can no longer do this. It only reads the first entry in my printcap and ignores the rest. My printcap settings are correct (load printers = yes; printcap = /etc/printcap)

Second strange problem:

While Windows 95/98 machines can browse all of my shares (a vfat directory mounted on /mnt/win/download and a linux directory in /download), there are two NT 4.0 boxes which can't read the linux directory. The message NT gives is "Can't find network name"

Any ideas?


Fernado Paredes
SE for Sun Products,
Videonet S.A. de C.V.

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