How to set UNIX password from PC?

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Wed Jun 9 16:14:10 GMT 1999

   Samba:  2.0.4b on Solaris 2.x, NIS password
   PCs:    Windows NT Service Pack 3, with plain-text passwords.

Background:  There is the usual [homes] share on the UNIX samba server: 
users provide a UNIX (samba) identifier and password (plain), which
authenticates against the NIS service on that same UNIX samba server.  (So
there is none of this complicated "smbpasswd" file stuff.)  It all works
fine.  But ...

I am sure this must be a really dumb question, and that I must have
overlooked something obvious in the docs/texdocs/* and FAQs etc.

<display ignorance>

  Question:  From the PC, how do users change this UNIX/NIS password?

  I've seen the "passwd chat" and "passwd program" things in smb.conf(5).

  But ... sitting at the NT PC, how does the user start the ball rolling
  (get off the ground, take the first step, etc.)?  What do we (as sys.
  admins) need to do to complete the circuit?

  What have I overlooked?

</display ignorance>


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