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> gart at wrote:
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> > Hey there Gang,
> >         I have set up and configured an HP 672C DeskJet on a windows 98
> > machine to be a shared printer.   I can send data to it using the
> > smbprint script and it makes it there.  However, it doesn't auto-eject
> > on the last page.  Is this doable?  If so, how?
> > 
> You better check the printcap manual, maybe your lp system
> has something like a ff entry.
> I'm not sure if it'll work in a job that's sent to smbprint.

Brett Worth <brettw at> once said:  

> There are a couple of ways to deal with this.  First you can
> usually make the Windows printer configuration send it's own
> form feed.  This is the prefered solution.  There's usually a
> check box somewhere to do this. 
> Alternatively you can make Samba do it:
> print command =  "lpr -r -P %p %s ; echo \014"

Other ways to do CR/LF, formfeed, etc, are PCL commands (escape 
codes) and lpr (via /etc/printcap).  They should be well documented 
in your HP manual and the lpr man page.  Here is a way to add 
carriage returns with sed and a formfeed with PCL escape codes 
(assumes the shell is bash):  

#  Add carriage returns to text files using sed,
#  and force a formfeed:
sed -e s/$/
echo -ne \\f

You might want to think about installing lprng (it's supposed to be 
really slick, cool, etc).  


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