unix_convert cause of windows freeze?

Brian Corcoran cork at asares.com
Mon Jun 7 15:07:49 GMT 1999


I've got an application, ACI Rapid Research for Windows, which is causing
me a ton of problems under SAMBA. When the program goes to create its own
list of valid files to work from, it ends up calling unix_convert on each
file in the directory. The problem is that unix_convert then goes and
calls name_map_mangle() twice for every file in the directory -- and I've
got 3025 files.

That ends up being at least 3025 . 6050 calls -- a big number. It seems to
be part of the cause of ACI hanging when it builds it's browselist.

There seems to be a lot of other repetition going on, but this is as far
as I've been able to debug it so far -- I don't know much C, nor much
about the internals of SAMBA.

It takes about a minute for ACI to form a browse list of the exact same
directory under Netware.

The system's specs are:
SAMBA 2.0.4b, rpm version (by jht)
Log level 5
RedHat 5.2
Linux 2.2.5 SMP
dual i686
Windows 95/98 clients

If anyone can help me, or point me in the right direction, I'd
greatly appreciate it. If you need more information, feel free to email me

Brian Corcoran
corcoran at asares.com

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