linux-gateway & samba-fileserver...

Breest Daniel Daniel.Breest at
Mon Jun 7 07:22:49 GMT 1999


i have a problem running a linuxserver as internetgateway and fileserver
together. the server works with the linuxdistribution suse 6.1 and like an
NT-domainserver, windows 98-clients can login to the server and get via
NETLOGON-script a connection to the serverdrives (home-folder etc.). this
works well. also the internetconnection works well. but it wont works
together, that means, if anybody has a connection to the internet (the
isdn-card in the server is active), so there is no access to the
networkdrives on the server possible (it seems that the networkcard in the
is server is blocked). this is only a problem with windows 98-clients, maybe
its a sambaproblem, because if i mount a drive via NFS on a client running
with linux i have both, a well working internetconnection and access to the
networkdrives. i have no idea what could be the problem, so if you know
whats the bug or the problem, please write an email to me, i need a solution
for this problem urgently.

Daniel Breest

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