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Tom Vandepoel Tom.Vandepoel at netvision.be
Sun Jun 6 16:13:00 GMT 1999

Thomas Cameron wrote:
> >>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:54:48 +0200
> >>From: Tom Vandepoel <Tom.Vandepoel at netvision.be>
> >>To: michel at nijenrode.nl, samba at samba.anu.edu.au, samba-bugs at samba.org
> >>Subject: Re: Unwanted Browselists
> >>Message-ID: <37556FE8.2A71C977 at netvision.be>
> >>Is there a way to prevent browselists from machines other than those
> >>of my choosing to show up in the browselists/network neighbourhood?
> >>
> >>I don't want win95 clients that offer shares themselves to show up
> >>in the network neighbourhood.
> >I've asked the same question in the samba list some while ago, but no
> >one answered.
> >Have you gotten anywhere with this? It would be a great feature, to be
> >able to clean up those browse lists, to only show 'official' servers...
> If the machines you don't want to show up are Windows 9x boxes, all you need
> to do to make them not show up is disable file and print sharing in Control
> Panel/Networks (assuming you don't need them to share their
> drives/printers).  WinNT boxes will show up whether you like it or not.
> WinNT shows up as a result of the Server service, which really can't be
> disabled cleanly.
We tried that, but people keep re-enabling those 'server' services. We
don't mind that functionality being used. We do mind the clutter in the
browse list...

> Another option is to use workgroup names more effectively.  Put the
> accounting folks in the "accounting" workgroup, the sales folks in the
> "sales" workgroup, etc.  That way, if you are in the "complab" workgroup,
> you will only see others in the complab workgroup when you double-click on
> network neighborhood.  Unless you double-click Entire Network, you won't see
> sales and accounting and so on.
> Next choice is to segment the network, which can prevent the netbios over
> TCP/IP broadcasts from getting to your machines, which keeps undesirables
> from showing up in your network neighborhood.

One workgroup/domain is fine for us, all we want to be able to see are
the 2 major file/print servers in the browse list, and filter out all
other crap...



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