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>>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:54:48 +0200
>>From: Tom Vandepoel <Tom.Vandepoel at netvision.be>
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>>Is there a way to prevent browselists from machines other than those
>>of my choosing to show up in the browselists/network neighbourhood?
>>I don't want win95 clients that offer shares themselves to show up
>>in the network neighbourhood.

>I've asked the same question in the samba list some while ago, but no
>one answered.
>Have you gotten anywhere with this? It would be a great feature, to be
>able to clean up those browse lists, to only show 'official' servers...

Hey Tom, Michel, et al...

If the machines you don't want to show up are Windows 9x boxes, all you need
to do to make them not show up is disable file and print sharing in Control
Panel/Networks (assuming you don't need them to share their
drives/printers).  WinNT boxes will show up whether you like it or not.
WinNT shows up as a result of the Server service, which really can't be
disabled cleanly.

Another option is to use workgroup names more effectively.  Put the
accounting folks in the "accounting" workgroup, the sales folks in the
"sales" workgroup, etc.  That way, if you are in the "complab" workgroup,
you will only see others in the complab workgroup when you double-click on
network neighborhood.  Unless you double-click Entire Network, you won't see
sales and accounting and so on.

Next choice is to segment the network, which can prevent the netbios over
TCP/IP broadcasts from getting to your machines, which keeps undesirables
from showing up in your network neighborhood.

Does that help at all?
Thomas Cameron, CNE, MCP, MCT
Three-Sixteen Technical Services, Inc.

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