Problems with smbpasswd on a solaris 2.5.1 server

Frank R. Brown list.Frank at
Sat Jun 5 14:10:57 GMT 1999

I downloaded and installed the precompiled solaris 2.5.1 samba
executables on one of our file servers.

(The server is running solaris 2.5.1.  My previous posting about
running the 2.5.1 executable on a 2.5 machine is moot --- I had
simply been misinformed about the status of the machine.)

The 'diagnosing your samba server' procedure checks out until
the 'smbclient '\\myserver\tmp' -Uuser%passwd' step.
At this point I get a 'session startup failed: code 0' error message.

Other attempts to connect --- e.g., 'net use' from an nt client ---
fail in similar ways --- e.g., with something like 'session

I am using windows nt encryption.  I have all this working on a
solaris 2.6 server, and am using the same configuration file, etc.

Another anomaly: running 'smbpasswd' hangs at the 'reenter
password' step.  I've tried copying in the valid smbpasswd file
from the working solaris 2.6 system, as well as creating the
smbpasswd file from scratch.  Always the same --- I can't
connect, and attempts to run smbpasswd hang.

As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two setups
is the os rev. level (2.5.1 vs. 2.6) and the executable (precompiled
for 2.5.1 vs precompiled for 2.6).

I would appreciate any suggestions people might have for what
might be causing this problem, and what some fixes or
workarounds might be.

Is anyone on this list using the precompiled solaris 2.5.1
executable successfully?


     Frank R.Brown
     Frank.R.Brown at MailAndNews

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