"Network path not found" error mesg

Rich McClellan richmc at entropy.ucsc.edu
Sat Jun 5 17:54:48 GMT 1999

Hello everyone,

I see the error message "Network path not found" when I attempt to access
a Linux Samba server from NT server/workstation by double clicking on the
samba server's name in Network Neighborhood (double click server icon, 2
to 3 second pause, error message appears).

Details: We have an NT domain.  Several Linux boxes and NT workstations
are part of the domain.  The Linux boxes have successfully joined the
domain and show up in Network Neighborhood as part of the domain.  One of
the Linux boxes works perfectly well and its shares are available.  It
uses domain authentication.  The others do not work and the error message
mentioned above appears when someone tries to access them. The samba
servers that do not work have each been removed and readded to the
domain** by the PDC prior to the problem I am reporting.

The Linux boxes can be accessed by doing a Find->Computer and providing
the *ip address*.  Double clicking on the results of the find presents the
Linux samba shares provided the Samba server is in "security = server"
mode and NOT in "security = domain" mode.  When the computer name is given
as the search string the server is found, but double clicking on its icon
results in the aforementioned error message.

** recall a previous post of mine about the samba servers being unable to
rejoin the domain.  It turns out I had run "smbpasswd -j DOM -r DOMPDC"
more than once.  Perhaps the DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt/html files could be changed
to include a warning about the effect of joining the domain twice and hos 
to fix it?

Does the NT server/PDC cache information about domain members that is the
cause of the current problem?  Would rebooting the PDC help (if the PDC
was under my control I would have already tried this, but I am really
intersted in understanding what is the source of the problem)? Any
advice/information is greatly appreciated.


Molecular Engineering Laboratory		
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry		
University of California, Santa Cruz

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