Need help with WIN98 printer

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Sat Jun 5 03:58:06 GMT 1999

On 5 Jun 99,jim <jed at> had questions about Need help 
with WIN98 printer:  

> I would like to set up my small home network so that when I want
> to print anything from a linux box, it is directed to an HP-500
> on my WIN98 box.Can anyone suggest how to go about doing this?
> Copies of a configuration file (smb.conf??) would be appreciated. 

You don't need samba to do this, just the smbfs support in the 
kernel (and something like RedHat's printtool to make it easy).  If 
you don't have RedHat, then you should still be able to do it.  
Make sure your kernel has smbfs support, and check the printing 
HOWTO for an example of printing to a network printer.  (hint: the 
printer device is /dev/null)

I find you learn best by getting your hands dirty, so go to it.

Have fun, Steve

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