Auth against NT-PDC performance

Michael Pabst eddmipa at
Fri Jun 4 12:32:53 GMT 1999

Hi there,

though I am not a newbie in SAMBA issues I wonder if someone could give
me some advice:

I set up a SAMBA server to authenticate against an NT-PDC. The number of
clients is appr. 500.
SAMBA is running on Solaris2.6 on a SUN Ultra250 (no perfomance problems
on that side, I guess :-) )
The problem is, that I ´ve got far too much open sockets connected to
the PDC even minutes after the authentication has benn done when I do
e.g. a ´netstat -a´.

Is there any way to force the ´authentication-connections´ to be
terminated after the password is validated, or did I just miss something
about the configuration ? Or is that by any chance a ´normal behaviour´
of the
NT-box (it wouldn´t surprise me ...)

Any hints ?



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