Unwanted Browselists

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Fri Jun 4 08:01:19 GMT 1999

On 4 Jun 99, Tom Vandepoel <Tom.Vandepoel at netvision.be> had 
questions about Unwanted Browselists:  

> >Is there a way to prevent browselists from machines other than those 
> >of my choosing to show up in the browselists/network neighbourhood? 
> > 
> >I don't want win95 clients that offer shares themselves to show up 
> >in the network neighbourhood. 
> I've asked the same question in the samba list some while ago,
> but no one answered. Have you gotten anywhere with this? It would
> be a great feature, to be able to clean up those browse lists, to
> only show 'official' servers... 

I think nmbd checks both WINS and broadcast sources to build the 
browse.dat file.  A brute-force solution would be to edit the 
browse.dat file periodically, but windoze clients cache the browse 
list for 15-30 minutes (something like that) so there would be a 
considerable delay.

The real solution would be to hack the nmbd code and add the 
feature yourself.  How about an smb.conf setting to specify a list 
of NetBIOS names to include in (or exclude from) the browse list?  
Sounds pretty cool to me.  Of course, I love volunteering other 
people for coding projects (considering I can't seem to get my own 
projects off the ground...:)


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