Win 9x and WinNT Clients connecting to Samba-Server

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Fri Jun 4 08:01:19 GMT 1999

On 4 Jun 99, Ralf Christmann <rchristmann at> had 
questions about Win 9x and WinNT Clients connecting to Samba-

> I know I should get rid of the problem by my own, but
> unfortunately I failed. So I ask: I`ve a subnet of win9x and WinNT
> clients connecting to our Linux file server (no more servers in
> this subnet) via samba 2.02. All win95 can see and mount
> services of the Samba server. But win98 and WinNT can only see the
> server but can not connect to a service. I`ve no encryption and
> security= user in the smb.conf. I`ve imported the recommended
> NT4..reg to  the win98 and NT clients and set a logon.bat in the
> autostart to connect to the server automatically as recommended,
> too in the WinNT.txt. The logon.bat is something like this: net
> use //servername/service. I`m asked for a password. Although
> encryption is set to PlainPasswords in the clients the password is
> not right. Always the error 86 occurs. 

For NT4SP3 clients connecting to a samba server running in user-
level security, you need to map a drive via Net Use (from a command 
prompt) before you can browse.  Our lone win98 machine can browse 
fine with the PlainTextPassword reg hack.  I try and make the setup 
as simple as possible:  The win9x clients have NetBIOS names (the 
windoze equivalent of "hostnames") the same as the linux/samba 
username they connect as (we have no NT server, so samba is it).  
Since you can't do that with NT (ie, NT has an actual hostname), my 
NT account has the same username as my samba account, *and* my 
samba username is mapped to the NT hostname in the username map 
file (you may want to try this with win98 as well).

> Is it possible to turn on encryption and serve win95 and win98
> clients at the same time? 

Not only is it possible, it's preferred.


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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