A bit more help on samba

Lajtos Máté ersziker at mail.matav.hu
Tue Jun 1 12:37:36 GMT 1999

I had a question a few weeks ago, and I was this answer sent to.
from <sarnold at coyote.rain.org>

> I assume you removed all the Netware client stuff, protocols, etc 
> (and don't use NetBlooie either)?  I had originally had a 
> "performance" problem (of sorts) with that version, and it turned 
> out to be the RWIN setting on the Win95 clients (the ones who were 
> optimized for DUN performance).  Have you also looked at the 
> Speed.txt docs?  In my case, things started working fine when I 
> dropped RWIN from 8xMSS to 4xMSS (ie, 4288 to 2144), which is the 
> opposite way across the 3072 byte threshold mentioned in the doc.
> Go figure.  Of course, your problem could be completely unrelated...

Of course I 'eliminated' netblooie and things like that.

Maybe it would be great if I knew where to set this RWIN setting.
However I try I cannot find at W95 client side. (registry, one of the
I would like you to help a bit more about it, if possible.

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