PCounter and Samba

Surasak Sukhsawas surasak at kmitnb.ac.th
Tue Jun 1 12:25:01 GMT 1999

Dear Sirs,

I used to asked Andy about PCounter and Samba a year ago. Last weekend
I've just tried PCounter V.2 for NT and Samba the latest main brance.
Here is the result.

I set up 1 NT PDC and 1 standalone NT server (not a PDC, just a
standalone). Then I installed PCounter on the standalone server. The
standalond server didn't have any user accounts. The PDC did. I could
set PAdmin so that it looked for the server accounts from the PDC. I
could add/deposite/modify account balance as normal as I ran PCounter on
a PDC. I then logged on to the domain from an NT workstation. I could
set up and send print jobs to the printer controlled by PCounter on the
standalone server properly and perfectly. Note that one thing doesn't
seem to be documented, I think, is the server has to be rebooted before
a printer could be controlled by PCounter.

I then set up a Samba server on my Linux box running the latest
Slackware. Then installed the latest main branch (v. 2.1.0-prealpha with
NT domain controller support). Then I had a new standalond server
connected to the Samba server properly. I could administer the domain
via the standalone server as much as Samba could support. I could set
file/dir permissions on the NT box by using the GUI tool as well as
cacls.exe . "Samba is now approaching NT", I thought. I then installed
PCounter on the standalone NT box. I could use a new workstation to
logged onto the Samba domain and send print jobs to all printers
connected and controlled by the standalone server. But one thing I
cound't do was using PAdmin to grab user accounts from the Samba server
was never possible and always crashed the PAdmin. So the accounting
didn't work. Only one benefit I could get was using PCounter to 'pause'
all print jobs in the queue so that queue controller could
release/reject the print jobs manually.

Well, here are my questions. Why PAdmin couldn't grab user accounts
database from the Samba box even though the NT itself could? It is a
special function the Samba team haven't yet implemented but PCounter
uses? Is there a better way for me? My goal is to do accounting or, in
other words, page counting for all print jobs. Also I need to pause all
print jobs coming into my HP LaserJet queues before manually released
the suitable jobs.

Any helps would be appreciated.

Surasak Sukhsawas.

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