NT domain clients behind isdn link

Andy Smith abs at maunsell.co.uk
Sat Jul 31 14:32:23 GMT 1999

[sent this yesterday, but didn't see it on the list, got a bounce from
samba-bugs instead???]


I've just set up a remote office, routed to our network via isdn.  There
are a handful of NT 4.0/sp3 clients and a single samba server.  I had intended
authentication to our PDC in the main office, all other services provided
locally.  If the link is 'up' this works fine, but if the link is down,
the users cant login, because presumably the broadcast for a DC does not wake
up the link.  It's kind of hard to diagnose this one because if I try 
anything from where I sit, the link is made and the problem goes away.

I have got them to log into the samba server console and ping the PDC which
works, and is my workaround for the moment.  Assuming the routers will
only respond to IP traffic, and passing broadcast packets is turned off and
cant be enabled, can anyone suggest a way to make this work, short of
moving the office into a different domain and setting the local samba up
as the PDC and somehow syncing the smbpasswd's.

Not really a samba question I know, but maybe someone knows some magic
that samba can do for me.
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