NT service problem

David Livingstone davidl at cn.ca
Sat Jul 31 13:36:33 GMT 1999

 Hi !

 I hope this is the correct place to ask questions ...

 I'm having the following problem :

  A "service" on an NT 4 server cannot connect to a samba
  share on my linux machine. The specific versions are given
  below. From the NT machine I have no problem as the administrator
  to login to samba server and view the target share. The 
  supplier's service however cannot seem to do the same. The
  service does have a config for a user/password but as it gives
  no verbose error message I am stuck. Also the supplier(Bentley)
  is about as useful as the IRS - in their opinion I should be
  using NT and that's the end of the story. I disagree :)
  The service starts automatically at boot time but even if I
  stop and then restart it after I have logged into the share
  I have no luck. 

  Does anyone have any ideas ? From what I have gleamed from the
  John Blair book I have setup share level authentication. I have
  also applied the patch to NT to use plaintext passwords. 

  Here are the specifics :

  - NT 4 SP3
  - Linux 2.0.36 with samba 2.0.4 with the following config :

   # Samba config file created using SWAT
   # from spitfire.cn.ca (
   # Date: 1999/07/31 08:57:42

   # Global parameters
           workgroup = CAD

           comment = Access for the NT server
           path = /
           valid users = bentley
           read only = No

  The service attempts to connect as the user bentley ...

  Any help would be appreciated.

David Kerr Livingstone 
Canadian National Railway, Signals & Communications
935 de La Gauchetiere St. West
12th Floor
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone : (514)399-7731  Fax : (514)399-7503
Internet : davidl at cn.ca

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