Accessing Samba shares via PPP links

Stephen Davies scldad at
Sat Jul 31 12:42:41 GMT 1999

Hello all.

I am sure that this is an FAQ but I cannot find a succinct answer anywhere.

My question is:

What is the correct way to access a Samba share when the Samba server has a 
private IP adress (eg 192.168.x.y), the (Windows via PPP)  client is assigned a 
relevant private address (eg 192.168.x.z) and the username/password used to 
login to the client is not known to the server and/or is different from the username/
password used to login to the server.

How does the user validation work in this scenario? Does Samba look at the 
username of the PPP connection or the username used to login to the client 
Windows PC?

My test configuration is a W98 laptop dialing into a Linux box. The Linux box 
is and it assigns to the laptop PPP client. The 
username/password used to login to the laptop is aaaaa/bbbbb and the username/
pasword used to initiate the PPP connection is ccccc/ddddd.

The laptop can ping, telnet, ftp etc etc to the Linux server but if I try to 
"find" the Linux box from the laptop, the Samba log on the Linux box reports a 
password failure for the username aaaaa.

The laptop involved is used to access multiple different server systems so it
cannot be configured so that aaaaa/bbbbb = ccccc/ddddd for all servers

Cheers and thanks,
Stephen Davies

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