Intermitent loss of contact with Win95 share.

JoséCésar Otero Rodríguez jcotero at
Fri Jul 30 18:42:51 GMT 1999

Hello :

One Win95 client, connected over a SLIP connection to an SCO Openserver 5.0
has been working fine until System Administrator has updated OS Version to
Unixware 7.1.0.

On this server (Unixware 7.1.0) , I've installed Samba 2.0.2 to access all
Win9x shares.

All shares on the LAN (connected via TP 10Mb cards) work fine, but when I
print any job to Win95 client connected via SLIP connection it works until I
send the 6th job or 7th job. From this point on, I can't access this PC via

If I <ping> Win95 PC over the SLIP after print jobs stop working, <ping>
answers OK.
Telnet sessions go on working fine.
Only <smbclient> command shows <Connection failed>.

Then I must hang up modem connection on the Win95 side, and recall to
Unixware Host.
It again works fine until 6th or 7th job is sent to Win95 printer.

This error doesn't happen with all the other printers attached to PCs on the
LAN, that also works with <smbprint> script.
All these printers always print their jobs correctly and completely.

Any idea about what is happening ?  Perhaps any <timeout> must be set in
smb.conf ?
Thanks in advance for any help !!.

César Otero
---- oOo ----

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