Problems with NT data stamps

Whiffen, Richard whiffen at
Wed Jul 28 13:17:28 GMT 1999

Hello all,

    I poked around the archives on this with out much success.  Here's the

A user is in "explorer" on an NT 4.0 sp3 machine.  The User right clicks on
a file and says "copy".  Then in the same explorer window ( I don't think it
matters, but that's how we're doing it in the example) they select the samba
share, find the correct directory and right click on the folder and say
paste.  It pasts the file just fine, but the date is off.  If the file was
created with today's date (7/28) its fine, but if it was created yesterday
or earlier (7/27) it gets a date stamp of 7/23.  It's the weirdest thing
I've ever seen.  The clocks on all the machines are synced.  It doesn't
matter which work station or which samba server I use.  It happens on a
samba 2.0.3 and a 2.0.4a machine. We will be upgrading to samba 2.0.5a as
soon as possible, but I'll need to get this fixed before I'll have a chance
to do the upgrades. .  Any ideas where to start?

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