Date/time bug in 2.0.5a?

Lack Mr G M gml4410 at
Wed Jul 28 09:40:56 GMT 1999

   Is this just me????

   Just installed 2.0.5a for testing.

   Copying files (using explorer) from NT to Samba-2.0.5a (Solaris2.6
*and* Irix6.5)
fails to copy the date/time stamp correctly (1.9.18p7 is fine, from the
same NT system).

   24/06/1999 11:59 (on NT)  =>  25/06/1999 17:14 (Samba)
   25/06/1999 17:00 (on NT)  =>  25/06/1999 17:09 (Samba)

(Yes, that is one 24th and three 25ths of June...)

   No special configure options used beyond using cc (not gcc) as the
compiler for both systems.

(NOTE: Just checked with 2.0.4b on Solaris.  The same problem exists

   Copying these files back form Unix to NT does preserve the dates Ok.

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