8.3 name mangling options going wrong ?

Trevor Nuridin tnuridin at tantalus.com.au
Mon Jul 26 04:13:49 GMT 1999

I've just bumped into a name mangling issue with Samba which I'm sure
people have already found before me......

If you create 2 files called moss_burn.bmp & moss_bend.bmp on a Samba
share that has been mapped to a drive under windows then a 'dir' in a
DOS shell will show that the 8.3 filenames of these two files are
identical......MOSS_~UV.BMP... which is not good for legacy programs.
Even some 'non-legacy' programs will go wrong - Photoshop will refuse to
open both of these files at the same time claiming that when you open
the 2nd that it is already open, so maybe somewhere deep in Photoshop it
still has some legacy code as using another paint program works just
fine, correctly opening the 2 different files using the long filenames.

I've checked out the NAME MANGLING section in the smb.conf manual page
but I can't see anything relevent, nor have I found anything in the
Has anyone solved this problem before ?


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