Printer comment set on Win95 client

Carey Sinclair carey.sinclair at
Sun Jul 25 22:49:40 GMT 1999

Is there any way to ensure that when a Win95 client installs a printer
via the 'automatic' double click method (with the PRINTER$ share) that
the comment field in the printer properties is set to something
meaningful (ie. ideally the same comment as specified in smb.conf).

Somehow I managed to get it working several samba versions ago (I
think 2.0.4?) on Redhat 5.2. After upgrading to Redhat 6.0 and
reinstalling samba 2.0.4b it stopped working. I am now trying samba
2.0.5a and still have no luck. Perhaps it was something with the
test machine I was using.

Is there any definate method or setting to set? I would appreciate
any suggestions also sent to my email address as well as this list.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

 Carey Sinclair
 IT Project Engineer
 Tait Electronics Ltd, New Zealand
 carey.sinclair at

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