Using Samba to save Norton Ghost Images

Hugo Segura hsegura at
Sun Jul 25 02:25:30 GMT 1999

Hi :

Well, you can have a NT or Windows 95/98 clonning server machine which connect and
use a shared samba disk resource to save the image, then you can boot your client
with any protocol (that your clonnign server have installed) and your image will be
on samba.


Hugo Segura
e-mail : hsegura at

todd.rosenthal at wrote:

> I am not sure if anyone can help me with this. I am currently using Norton Ghost
> to create images of a number of Windows NT Server machines. I want the ability
> to save my Norton Ghost images to a samba share. The problem I have run into is
> that Norton Ghost runs only from a Dos Prompt. I created a Dos Boot disk to load
> NetBEUI network drivers that so I can save my images on a network drive. The
> problem I have run into is because my  network boot disk only loads NetBEUI I
> can not map my samba shares. What needs to be loaded to see a samba share? Is
> there a dos driver for smb??? Any suggestions???
> -Todd Rosenthal

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