Win 95 client - no permission to access resource

Troy_&_Emma trem at
Sat Jul 24 08:29:02 GMT 1999


I have a Red Hat 6.0 Linux server running Samba 2.0 (that came with the
Red Hat distribution) and I am having problems connecting to this server
from Windows 95 PCs.

When I try to connect to the server through 'Network Neighbourhood',
after I have entered my password at the $IPC prompt I see the following
error message:
"Servername is not available.  No permission to access resource".  I am
able to connect to the Linux server from a DOS window using "net use g:
\\server\share" and then typing my password when prompted.

The Windows 95 PCs have a mixture of original and 'OEM' (Rev B) versions
of Windows 95 installed.  The smb.conf file is very simple - it was made
using SWAT - and I am using user level security.

I have searched the Samba mailing list archives and can find only one
fix for this problem - to turn off file and printer sharing.  None of
the PCs that I am working with have file and printer sharing installed.

Is anyone able to help?

Thank you in advance,

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