rookie needs help (browsing samba from NT)

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jul 24 01:39:58 GMT 1999

On 23 Jul 99, "Page, Jon T" <Jon.Page at> had questions about 
rookie needs help:  

> I am trying to connect an NT 4.0 workstation to an SGI Unix
> system running samba.  The SGI system is not browsable from the
> NT workstation.  When I try to map a drive from the SGI system to
> the NT system I am prompted for a connect as identification and
> password.  I can enter either an ID and password for the Unix
> system or of the NT system but neither seem to allow me to make
> the connection. 

You can see it in the browse list, but can't browse or map a drive? 
 Have you tried a Net Use command from the prompt?  If samba is 
running in user level security and with encrypted passwords, then 
you should be able to map a drive at the command prompt, and then 
browse.  If samba is running with plaintext passwords, then NT will 
need the reg hack to enable plaintext passwords on that side.  
There's a reg file in the samba package.

With the plaintext passwords enabled, I still have to login (again) 
to the samba mapped drive after I login to the NT workstation box.  
After the double login, everything works fine.


> Looking at the samba logs on the SGI system it shows a timeout
> trying to connect to a password server. 
> I can map a drive from the SGI system to a Windows 95 system.

Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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