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Fabio Iovine f_iovine at
Thu Jul 22 16:05:56 GMT 1999

my customer wants to export both users' home directories and a public one;
as far as the home dirs are concerned, my customer wants the system asks for 
user's login & password before providing access to grant privacy but wants 
no password for the public one: is this possible?

I tried setting security mode to user (security = user) in the global 
settings thinkig this would make the server working the required way for the 
home's...well, it didn't...I mean I was asked to provide login and password 
but no one worked, neither root's login & password, nor the user's one...
can someone help me telling which flag to set to have what my client asks? 
can I put "security = user" just under global settings or can I move it 
under home dir's settings?

thanks in advance,

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