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Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Thu Jul 22 15:52:02 GMT 1999

On Fri, 23 Jul 1999 00:07:10 +1000, hai scritto:

>user's login & password before providing access to grant privacy but wants 
>no password for the public one: is this possible?

>I tried setting security mode to user (security = user) in the global 
>settings thinkig this would make the server working the required way for the 
>home's...well, it didn't...I mean I was asked to provide login and password 
You don't say which clients you are using, so, in general:
- win pc's give samba the username and passwd you use to logon to MSNetworks.
- if samba knows about these usernames and passwords, then users access their
homedirs without any password prompt.
- if win usernames are different from samba/unix usernames then you need to
use username map
- if you use a recent ver of win95, win98 or winnt4sp3 than you need to read
ENCRYPTION.txt (samba docs).

>but no one worked, neither root's login & password, nor the user's one...
>can someone help me telling which flag to set to have what my client asks? 
>can I put "security = user" just under global settings or can I move it 
global settings.

For the public folder, there are various approaches, the simpler is to make
the folder "guest ok" and use "force user" and "force group" parameter.

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