Automatcally installing drivers for HP2000CN/HP890C

David Crisp dcrisp at
Wed Jul 21 01:46:14 GMT 1999


Im trying to set an HP2000CN up on our network.   Most of the Config works
great. I can print to the printer remotly via samba etc with no problems.
The only problems I have are as follows:

1)  I cant stop the LPD printing a cover sheet on each printout :(  WHile
this one is not technically a Samba problem,  THe following one is:

2)  Im wanting to automatically install the printer drivers for the
Hp2000cn(and the Hp890c)  when you click on the Samba Shared Printer. 
The problem here is that I cant work out which drivers to  add to the
[printer$] defined directory.   Neither the msprint.inf msprint2.inf contain
the definitions for this printer as per the:
 PRINTER_DRIVER.txt for Samba release 1.9.18p10 20 Aug 1998 file.. 

And I cant find other refrences to the drivers required directly in any of
the HP Provided ini files :( 

I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions?  Or experiences


David Crisp

:When you click on a samba shared printer, you can now install the driver
:automatically onto the Windows 95 machine, as you would from an NT server.

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