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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jul 17 23:16:19 GMT 1999

On 18 Jul 99, "Weiss, Robert" <WeissR at> had questions 
about Samba for VMS:  

> I just installed Samba for VMS (1.9.17p4) on a DecServer 1000A
> running VMS 7.1 

This is a *very* old version of samba...

> My main question is about Encrypted Passwords.....Does this
> release of Samba support them, or do I have to modify the clients
> who want access to our Alpha to support un-encrypted passwords
> for now?  If this release does not support encrypted
> passwords....any time from for version 2.x for VMS? 

I'm not sure; I would recommend upgrading to at least 1.9.18 (p10). 
You will then have encrypted password support.  Get the source 
package.  If you can't use (or don't have) the VMS C compiler, then 
get gcc.  The Makefile is fairly easy to setup (I'm sure there's a 
block of compiler flags for VMS; they're already there for a bunch 
of other systems).  

> My second question involves the setup error message I received...

Sorry, can't help there (I'm somewhat familiar with VMS fortran and 
some system services, but that's about it).  I'd start reading 
those great DEC manuals...


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