Samba printing to unsupported linux printers

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jul 17 01:40:14 GMT 1999

On 17 Jul 99, Alex DeNeui <alexd at> had questions about 
Samba printing to unsupported linux printers:  

> I am in somewhat of a dilemma.  I purchased a Xerox DocuPrint P8
> a while back, and recently have tried to set it up on my linux
> box as a networked printer.  The print drivers are only available
> in Win*, therefore the printer will never work with linux. (It's
> a "winprinter")  When I tried to set it up using lpr, the page
> would print about half way, then stop.  My question is, is it
> possible for me to change the print command option to something
> like "cat %s > /dev/lp0"?  Will that even have a chance of
> working?  I can serve the printer fine by sharing it in Win98. 

Are you *sure* it doesn't do something sane?  My little $100 Xerox 
does PCL3, so it works with the HP DeskJet 550 driver under 

Even if it doesn't, it should work from a windoze client by setting 
the printer device to raw mode.  I'm not sure where I saw it - 
printing HOWTO, samba docs, or the list (sorry).  I try and make it 
a point never to buy anything that doesn't have a good linux 
driver, or support some sort of standard like PCL (or even better, 

Hope you're not screwed, Steve

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