2.0.4b: logrotate problems with rh60

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat Jul 17 01:40:14 GMT 1999

On 17 Jul 99, giulioo at tiscalinet.it (Giulio Orsero) had questions 
about 2.0.4b: logrotate problems with rh60:  

> >What if you try the above (mv, HUP) with this in between:
> >touch /var/log/samba/log.smb?  Does samba start logging to the new 
> >file?

> No.
> >glibc changes; are you running the RedHat binary, or did you
> >compile from source?  Could it be related to the 64-bit file

> I downloaded the src.rpm (because I need to customize the SPEC to
> accomodate both rh60 and caldera13 in a single rpm). So I
> compiled it. I verified the problem both on libc5/2.0.33 and
> glibc2.1/2.2.10. 

Does your source have the patch for the above 64-bit glitch?  Do 
you compile your own kernel too?

> I just checked on a DG/UX samba.1.9.18 and it has the same
> problem. 

No way.  It works fine with 1.9.18p10 on RH4.2 (kernel 2.0.30, all 
libc5).  Even 0 byte logs are correctly rotated and compressed 
(they're not good for much, but they're there).  What version of 
logrotate are you running on DG/UX?  The only bummer with the 
rotated log files is the text gets re-wrapped to even length lines 


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