Samba printing to unsupported linux printers

Alex DeNeui alexd at
Fri Jul 16 05:37:08 GMT 1999

I am in somewhat of a dilemma.  I purchased a Xerox DocuPrint P8 a while
back, and recently have tried to set it up on my linux box as a networked
printer.  The print drivers are only available in Win*, therefore the
printer will never work with linux. (It's a "winprinter")  When I tried to
set it up using lpr, the page would print about half way, then stop.  My
question is, is it possible for me to change the print command option to
something like "cat %s > /dev/lp0"?  Will that even have a chance of
working?  I can serve the printer fine by sharing it in Win98.

Alex DeNeui
alexd at

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