hosts allow/deny not working correctly

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Jul 15 21:37:03 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "M. Tyson Bigler" <bigler at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> I am having difficult getting the hosts allow/deny to work with IP ranges
> or netmasks.  Ideally I would prefer to use the IP/Netmask method, e.g.
>, because we have a flat ATM network with
> multiple class C's (netmask is really  This, however,
> doesn't work!! I can't do 111.22.33. either...  I can't even do specific
> IP's, e.g. but I CAN do hostnames (e.g. myhost).

Does solaris use the same /etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny setup as 
linux?  If it's like file/dir permissions, etc, then the samba 
settings will *not* override the underlying system settings.

Just a thought, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            
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