Connecting to Samba from 95/98

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When the world was young, Wong Hoong Shen <hswong at> 
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> I don't know if this was discussed ad finitum but I can't seem
> to find an answer in the archive or FAQ. I need to connect to a
> Samba server using an account even from machines which use 95/98.
> For NT, there is no problem because I can specify the user, but
> 95/98 only allows me to specify the password to connect to the
> $IPC. Any hints on where I can find a workaround to this problem?
> Thanks 

There are a couple of things to look at here:

1) Are you running with encrypted or plantext passwords?

2) Are you running in user level or server level security?

It also depends on the password you login to windoze with, and the 
NetBIOS names of your win9x machines.  Put the samba server in the 
same workgroup as the win9x users.  If you can, use the same 
usernames on the samba box as the NT server.  If they have the same 
passwords as their NT accounts, they should have immediate access 
to samba when they do the windows network login.  With no PDC, I'd 
recommend using the Windoze network login (on the win9x machines) 
as the default, and use the samba username/password to login.  
Enabling domain logins on samba is optional.  If the win95 machines 
have their own NetBIOS names (ie, different than their user's 
usernames, then you must map each samba (unix) account name to the 
NetBIOS name of the machine(s) they login from (in the smbusers 
file).  If you have no NT WINS server, then samba works great for 
that too.

HTH, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            
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