Not reopening logfiles when HUPing

Robert Franklin r.c.franklin at
Thu Jul 15 15:03:47 GMT 1999


I thought that HUPing the master smbd process (and/or the child 
processes) was supposed to cause the logfiles to be reopened?

This does not appear to happen on our installation (2.0.4b2, Solaris 
2.6).  If I make a connection to a share, rename the logfile and 
HUP/delete the daemon (either parent or child), a new file is not created.

Alternatively, how about a feature where we can signal Samba to do what 
it does when it reaches the 'max log size' limit.

On debug level 3, I get lots of stuff, including 'Got SIGHUP', but no 
reload of log files.  Out of desparation, I've tried touching the 
configuration file and log file.

Any suggestions?

  - Bob

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