Samba or mutt problem

John R. DeWolfe John.DeWolfe at
Wed Jul 14 22:15:16 GMT 1999


   I read about your samba vs mutt problem on the samba mailing list.
Unfortunately I accidently deleted the digest before replying so I can't
include a copy of your original question.  I don't have a good answer to
your original question, but have an alternative.  The answer, if you want
to try something new, is IMAP.  This is an alternative mail client
protocol to the standard POP3 protocol.  The big advantage it provides is
the ability to keep all of your mail folders on the server instead of
having them on the machine on which you are reading your mail.  By doing
this, you can read your mail locally on the machine your mail is delivered
to, read it from another machine on your local lan, or even read it from
over the Internet, and still be able to delete, file, rename, reply, etc.
from all of these locations.  This is the system I am using.  I have a
Unix box (Sun Solaris in my case) where my mail is delivered.  I normally
use the text based email program "pine" is read my mail while I am logged
onto the Unix box interactively.  However, if I get an attachment, want to
easily send an attachment, or am dealing with an html enhanced email
message, I just go over to my Win98 pc and use Netscape Messenger to read
my same inbox as pine does.  I can also do the same thing over the
Internet from remote locations.  It works great!  I don't know if linux
comes with an IMAP daemon, Solaris didn't.  The pine source code came with
an imap daemon that works the sameway as the pop3 daemon.  I think the
daemon is available separately as well.  Here are two URL's:

The imap daemon that comes with pine will work with any imap capable email
client, so don't feel you have to convert to pine.  I switched to pine
from elm because elm did not support imap.  A friend told me about mutt
and the web page says the current version has "some" support for imap.  I
have not tried it yet, but I would guess it supports enough for most
needs.  There are several PC email clients that support imap as well.
These include Netscape, Eudora, Outlook, and I am sure others.  I would
highly recommend this combination.  It works great for me.

Good Luck,
   John DeWolfe
   DeWolfe Enterprises, LLC

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