Hidden Shares

John Morgan Salomon john at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Jul 12 11:26:51 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I'd appreciate some help with setting up my Samba server (2.0.4)

I have a number of NT users whom I'd like to give hidden home directories.
They'll be connecting from various NT machines in the same domain;  the
samba server is already passing on auth requests to its PDC just fine.
However, as soon as someone authenticates for one share to the Samba
machine, they have access to all shares.  I mapped the samba users to
unix users with a username map, and the various shares are owned by
the corrrect users.  Here's an excerpt from my smb.conf for one of the

        comment = John Salomon's Homedrive
        path = /export/salomojm
        guest account = 
        valid users = psc_master\salomojm
        read only = No
        only user = Yes
        hide files = .
        browseable = No
        wide links = No
        follow symlinks = No

The second bit is that I am unable to hide the shares;  the way
the homes section was set up didn't make this real clear to me.
I tried doing it the NT way with a $ at the end of the share name,
but that's somehow stripped off when the share is exported.

I'd very much appreciate any help in this direction.



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