Browsing only works when in Samba workgroup

Robert Franklin hostmaster at
Mon Jul 12 11:25:50 GMT 1999

> [snip]
> > I don't think I can use 'remote browse (announce|sync)' because I don't
> > know the addresses of the browse masters on the other subnets to sync
> > with.
> I believe you can remote announce to either a specific address, ie, 
> another samba box, or the entire subnet.
> HTH, Steve

OK... I'll try this when I get some time.  The primary problem with this 
is that we have >50 subnets and it will be somewhere else I have to keep 
this list updated...

Should what I'm doing already work, though?  I haven't tried this with an 
NT WINS server, to see if it is a Samba problem, 95 problem or browse 

  - Bob

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