vmware NT for testing samba

Martin Franke martin at inm.de
Fri Jul 9 10:18:47 GMT 1999

Hi there!

I read in the news on www.samba.org that the developers are using vmware
to test samba configs without needing an extra machine. Well, I had the
same idea, but browsing doesn´t work.

I´m running NT (4.0 sp1) in a Window on Linux (SuSE 6.0 with Kernel
2.2.7) using vmware (v1.02). Samba is running under Linux on the same
machine. I can connect using the NT Explorer menu command
"Extras->Connect to Networkvolume" (Sorry, I do only have the german NT
version and the translation is a bit strange, so I don´t know the
english command name). 

Problem is that the Samba shares on the Linux box nor the machine itself
do not show up in the "network environment" (again I do not know the
english name, but it is the browse list). I know that updating the
list takes some time. All the other shares in our network are visible
and I used the same config.

Martin Franke
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