Browsing only works when in Samba workgroup

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Fri Jul 9 10:08:42 GMT 1999

On Thu, 08 Jul 1999 21:26:22 -0400 Steve Meisner 
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> How do you have Remote Browse Announce and Remote Browse Sync set?

I don't have either of these set at all.  Here's some more info to 
clarify what I'm up to:

                    Samba <server>
            ----------------------------- subnet 1
      -------------------- subnet 2
     Win95 <client>

The server (Samba 1.9.18p10) has:

  wins support = yes
  dns proxy = yes

  os level = 64
  local master = yes
  domain master = yes
  preferred master = yes

The client is Windows 95 (original release), with the WINS server 
pointing at the Samba server (only); it is a P-node machine (WINS only).  
If I try a 'net view \\nibbles' (where 'nibbles' is some other server in 
a third subnet which has registered itself with the WINS server) it works 

When I look in the ../var/locks/... files on the server, I can see the 
browse list and WINS database being built OK.

If the 95 machine is in the same workgroup as the Samba machine, I see 
everything in the 'Entire Network'.  If it is in a different workgroup 
(either one which it is in on its own or one which other machines (which 
may or may not have the WINS server address configured), it does not; it 
only sees the workgroups on the same subnet).

I don't think I can use 'remote browse (announce|sync)' because I don't 
know the addresses of the browse masters on the other subnets to sync 

Thanks for you help!

  - Bob

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