Browsing only works when in Samba workgroup

Steve Meisner smeisner at
Fri Jul 9 01:26:22 GMT 1999

Robert Franklin wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a central Samba server which works fine.  It also supplies WINS
> services which work fine.  It also builds a browse list which seems to
> work fine.
> However, when I open 'Entire Network' on my W95 desktop machine on
> another subnet, I only see the workgroups / hosts on my subnet.  The 95
> machine is pointing to the Samba server as a WINS server.
> If I change the workgroup of my 95 machine to be the same as that of the
> Samba server, I can see all the workgroups / domains across campus and
> browse them correctly!  [Which intrigues me, since no-one else across
> campus has been configuring WINS server addresses - must be the magic of
> Microsoft!]
> Any ideas?  I seem to remember something about Samba not supporting this,
> but is this fixed / wrong?

How do you have Remote Browse Announce and Remote Browse Sync set?

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