Advice on accessing CD changer disks via Samba

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Wed Jul 7 04:48:03 GMT 1999

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Advice on accessing CD changer disks via Samba:  

> 0. I'd prefer not to call the shares CDROM0, CDROM1, etc.  Is
> there any way to automatically make a volume label a share name? 

You must be a C dude, huh?

I've got a couple NEC changer drives I've used with linux and 
windoze, but I've never shared one with samba (I've got plenty of 
spare 2x drives lying around if anyone wants one...).

The above drives don't work in linux the way they do in windoze; 
you can forget the whole "multiple drive letters for one drive" 
thing.  The windoze changer driver only works that way, whereas the 
NEC driver lets you see it as one drive if you want.  Then you 
switch slots with a little system tray widget.  This is exactly how 
these drives work with linux.  It defaults to the first slot, then 
you use the eject command (see man eject) to switch slots.  Eject 
will not work if the drive is mounted, so your script will have to 
do something like this:

umount /mnt/cdrom
eject -c 1
(pause while the mechanism grinds away)
mount /mnt/cdrom

to switch to the second slot.  Things should generally work better 
if you have a SCSI drive as opposed to IDE, as the SCSI drives 
implement a more consistent command set (or so says the xmcd 

Just my $.02 again, Steve

Steve Arnold           

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