Installation of Samba on SVR3 unix

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Wed Jul 7 04:48:03 GMT 1999

On 7 Jul 99, somebody had questions about Installation of Samba on 
SVR3 unix:  

> There are several ways of doing this:
> 1) untar samba on a system supporting long filenames (even PC), renaming
> modules there then copying to the SVR3 system (hard way).  Remember to
> rename all references to the shortened modules (makefile, includes, ...).
> 2) untar on a system that supports long filenames and mount on SVR3. 
> Should be able to compile without renaming modules.  (I have not tried
> this)

If you can uncompress the package without untarring it, at that 
point it's just text.  Then you can process it yourself with awk or 
perl (depending on your philosphy/experience).

I think one of my work buddys wrote a tar/tape package for DOS that 
re-named files/dirs to DOS 8.3 names (way back in the dark ages).  
The original poster should mail me directly if I should inquire 
about it (this guy never throws away useful code).


Steve Arnold           

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