Early warning wrt Win2K

Andrew J Cole A.J.Cole at cbl.leeds.ac.uk
Tue Jul 6 18:38:18 GMT 1999

>Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 21:59:02 +1000
>From: Matt Chapman <matty at samba.org>
>To: BKosse at thecreek.com
>Subject: Re: Early warning wrt Win2K
>Message-ID: <37639D06.D933BA35 at samba.org>
>Ben Kosse wrote:
>> It looks like Microsoft buggered up Win2000 so that explorer hangs while
>> trying to view a directory on a Samba server. I can't experiment any more
>> since I removed Win2K beta 3, but I thought I'd give the list a warning.
>Win2k expects domain servers to support a certain function which was not yet
>implemented in Samba.
>I have just fixed this for the next release.

I wonder if this is the same problem Matt has fixed for the next

Windown 2000 Professional (builds 2031 and 2072) have problems creating
and renaming directories against 2.0.4b (Solaris 5.7 and Sun OS

New Folder creates a directory as expected (Unix attributes fine etc.)
but containing a file TESTDIR.TMP.  You cannot rename "New Folder" from
the 2000 desktop (cannot read from source file or disk...), can rename
TESTDIR.TMP but cannot drage & drop anything into "New Folder" (this
folder already contains a file named "New Folder" would you like to


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