Can only see 1 SMB Server

Steffen Moser moser at
Sat Jul 3 16:57:41 GMT 1999


On 4 Jul 99, at 1:54, Casey Bralla wrote:

> I'm trying to run 2 SMB servers on my intranet (which also has a
> Win98 client).  Both are accessable if I explicitly link to them. 
> (ie: "NET USE" commands work just fine), but neither apear on a
> browse list if both of them are running.  If only  1 is running, it
> appears just fine. 

Are both of your Samba servers in the same workgroup? 
Do you have only one IP subnet or are these samba servers 
conntected to different subnets?

Perhaps both servers are trying to win the election for LMB. But if 
you have only one domain in one IP subnet, you'll only need one 
LMB. You can try to decrease/increase the value of "os level". 


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